What does a wedding planner do?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what a wedding planner does? We’ve all seen the film The Wedding Planner, you know the one with J-Lo in it or Father of the Bride (one of my favourite films!) two very different portrayals of a planner.

I thought I would go through some of the things that planners do for their clients on a day to day basis. It’s not all clipboards and cake tastings (although clipboards are important on the wedding day!).

Image by Nishit Parmar, Cake by Cake Layers

It is essential for me to get to know my clients and this trust will building during the planning journey, but the first task is to schedule a meeting and get to know each other a little more. This helps me really understand their vision for their big day, allowing me to bring their dream day into reality.

Based on our conversations during the first meeting, I then go back to the office and the wedmin begins. I will draft an overall wedding budget and share it with the couple (thank God for Google Drive!) nothing is set in stone at this stage and we can flex the numbers based on your individual needs at the time, priorities can change during the wedding planning process, so it important to keep reviewing the budget. I do help keep my couples accountable and offer creative ways to stay within your budget. Whilst the budget is being reviewed, I start to build up ideas for the look and feel of the wedding.

Once the design for the wedding has been approved by the couple, I will reach out to each supplier to start getting quotes for the clients to review. When reaching out to suppliers such as caterers, it is important to understand their catering style and whether that fits with the clients needs, e.g. would they like food stations or a sit down meal, BUT first thing is first, we ask for their sample menus to get a feel for their cuisine.

Once the couples are happy with their caterer and cake maker the fun starts, I start to schedule the tastings, often couples will take other members of their families with them but can decide to just go as a couple, it is entirely a personal choice.

During this stage of the planning, there is a lot of back and forth between the chosen suppliers in terms of contract negotiations and firming up the design and this is all managed by me, as the planner, my role is to remove most of the time consuming admin and providing the clients with the high level and important details.

Bride and Groom Traditional Pose

As the wedding date approaches, I start to arrange site visits with the core wedding supplier team, everyone is aware of where they need to be on the day, they understand things like access points and are able to visualise the space ready for their set ups.

I then start to put together a master plan for the wedding day itself, each supplier will be listed in the itinerary and this will be circulated among the team for them to understand and use in conjunction with their own plan for the day. This document is discussed with the client and ultimately approved by them to ensure that they are happy with the timings and confident that they will have enough time to enjoy themselves and their wedding day.

This is a simple overview of the main tasks involved in wedding planning. There are so many other roles that I fill as a planner but I would be here for days. If you need some assistance with your wedding planning, head over to the contact page to submit your enquiry. I am now taking bookings for 2022 dates.

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