How To Pick A Wedding Photographer

Top Three Styles of Wedding Photography

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I give to my clients is that they need to have a great relationship with their photographer. Why? Because you will be spending A LOT of time with your photographer and so you need to be comfortable being around them for the whole day, and sometimes being directed by them on how to pose. 

The best ways to get to know your photographer is to schedule a pre-wedding shoot or if this isn’t for you, which is totally okay (I’m not a pre-wedding shoot girl either), why not catch up over a video call or coffee before the wedding to familiarise yourself with your photographer. 

Choosing your photographer can be one of the biggest decisions each couple makes during their wedding planning.  The photos that they take create physical memories of the biggest day of your life.  These photos will bring back so much joy, and they create opportunities for you to gather around with your gals and pals to relive the day again and again. 

But before you can choose your photographer, it is important to figure out what kind of photography style you like. There are three main types of photography, which I will explore in more detail are:

  1. Contemporary 
  2. Traditional 
  3. Reportage AKA Documentary 

Contemporary Photography

This type of photography is current, it is the kind of photography that is relevant to now, so what is currently in fashion right now.  It is often trend led, and so your photos may look like they are taken during a magazine shoot. These photos are breathtaking, artsy and creative.  Each photographer will have their own style, but will essentially enhance your wedding day by adding drama through the lens. 

Traditional Photography

I bet you already have an idea of the kind of photos I am referring to before I go into my description. These photographers capture all of the essential and important shots of the day, including the walk down the aisle, cake shot, couple portrait shots, family shots.  Some of the pictures taken on the day may be posed and staged, if you’re not comfortable with that I would recommend looking through various albums of different photographers to get a real idea of what you do like. These kinds of photographers will spend a lot of time directing you, so it is worth considering whether you want to take time out of your day to have your photographs taken or whether you are prioritising wanting to celebrate with your guests. 

Bride and Groom Traditional Pose

Reportage Photography

Personally, this is my favourite photography style. Photographers focus on capturing emotions and moments throughout the day, These photos will tell the story of your wedding day without you realising it.  If you are looking for your wedding photos to be completely natural and un-posed then this is the style for you.  You will receive incredible photos of reactions to the small moments throughout your wedding day.  Your guests will often ask ‘when was that photo taken?’. 

One tip from me whilst planning your wedding is to put together a list of the kinds of wedding photos you would like.  This will give your photographer the opportunity to take these photos of you and your guests during the day.  The most experienced photographers will know the standard shots to be taken during your wedding, if there is however someone important that you would like to capture during the day, let your photographer know. 

Most photographers are able to capture the majority of the types of shots discussed above, they will no doubt have their own style.  They will be known to fit into one category more than the other and you will know which style you prefer based on your saved images on Pinterest.  Above all, regardless of their specific style, you will need to understand each other and mutually be excited to work together, and trust me, you will know this from the moment you speak to each other. 

There are a breadth of asian wedding photographers out there, a good place to start looking for them would be Instagram, or directories. I am always here to make recommendations too so please get in touch with me if you have any questions about wedding photographers and planning.

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  1. Photo by Ailbhe Flynn on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Sandeep Rattan 
  3. Photo by Nishit Parmar

PS – I have created a free 12 month wedding planning checklist for couples, click here to get yours!

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