8 Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. Whilst there are people sharing funny memes (I love a good meme!) and there is more serious information being shared, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips for couples who are planning their weddings right now.

1) Start a Pinterest Board

There is so much inspiration on Pinterest, be sure to start saving the things you like and then review the board to finalise the things that you really want.

2) Set a budget

And stick to it! If family members are contributing, jump on a call and see what they are comfortable spending.

3) Determine you bridal style

Create more than one Pinterest board with different styles that you like and start looking at trusted bridal sites.  This will help you whittle down the look and style that is right for you.

4) Get organised 

There are so many tools available to help you keep organised – spreadsheets, Word/Excel/Google Docs—anything. One of my favourite tips is to set up a shared wedding related email address for you and your fiancĂ©/ee to use when communicating with suppliers. Create a checklist, I have one that I can share with you, just email me for it.

5) Don’t rush into decisions

You may have had the best conversation with florist or cake maker and therefore want to book them straightaway, but it is so important not to book the first person you speak to.  Consider at least 3 different options in each supplier category.  If you can, try and arrange to speak to them all in one day and get like for like quotes.  It is important that your suppliers understand your vision and also work within your budget.

6) Only book suppliers that you are comfortable with

Going back to my point above, you may just click with certain suppliers, and so you’re comfortable being around them.  There are certain suppliers who will be close to you throughout your wedding day, for example your photographer, so you want to be yourself around them.

7) Read every contract – CAREFULLY

Review every detail closely, before you signed on the dotted line.  Make sure all of the details such as the date, location and deposits etc are correct.Read through the small print and familiarise yourself with the policies.

8) Consider an Coordinator

So you have planned your entire wedding and are now waiting for the day to arrive – EXCITING! You may consider hiring a professional to oversee the day.  This way you can ensure that you and your nearest and dearest aren’t busy managing the vendors in the room and can enjoy the day.  They will make sure that they day is running according to schedule, keep track of vendors and help with any last minute details on the day.

If you would like more details on how I can help with your planning, please get in touch on hello@ivoryevents.co.uk



Photos by Nishit Parmar

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