2021 Asian Wedding Trends

We made it through 2020! I think that deserves a pat on the back itself. I really admire the couples who chose to get married within the guidelines last year.  My heart is heavy for the couples who had planned larger weddings and are having to go through the rigamarole of postponing/cancelling their big days.  I do believe there are positive times ahead and a number of wedding vendors are doing all that they can to lobby the government to ensure that the industry and its couples have a roadmap so that we can all celebrate in the way that we all want to.  

With all the postponements of 2020, I’m sure many couples will decide to just go for it get married this year and many of the trends that are included in this blog will be influenced by COVID. Here are my predictions for wedding trends in 2021. This is your chance to break free from the social pressures and shake up the way Asian weddings are traditionally celebrated.

1 – Sustainability 

Couples are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of their wedding on the planet.  With that in mind, I believe that couples will want to ensure that the suppliers they choose for their wedding day are sustainable.  By opting to go for e-invites to reduce your carbon footprint or reducing plastic bottles at your wedding, it is entirely possible to create a sustainable asian wedding.   It is not necessarily harder to plan an eco-friendly wedding. Another lovely way to brighten someone’s day is opting to donate your floral centrepieces to local hospitals, care centres or even to your closest wedding guests. Such a lovely way to brighten up someone’s day, don’t you think?

2- Spend the original budget

You have been saving for your wedding, you envision how your day should look and just because guidelines are restricting the amounts of guests we can have at a wedding, doesn’t mean you should have to scale back your budget.  If you do decide to do just that, it is absolutely fine! I’m sure you can think of a number of different things to spend that money on (I’m thinking it’s time to jazz up your travel bucket list!), however if you decide to go full steam ahead and spend your original budget on your wedding day, the possibilities are endless. This means that you will have more money to spend per guest which adds to the extravagance of your wedding (just because the guest list is trimmed down doesn’t mean the detail in your wedding should be) why not opt for a gastronomical experience by adding more courses to your wedding meal. 

You could also add more detail to your wedding day by having more floral arrangements dotted around your venue, this a) will dress your space in an elegant way and b) add to the theme that oozes gorgeousness! 

You may opt for entertainment (following social distance guidelines of course) this creates that added special touch to your wedding day in the absence of traditional wedding receptions filled with mingling and dancing. 

3 – Pantone Colour of the Year 

We have been spoiled with two colours of the year in 2021, how exciting?! 

  • Pantone 17-5104, Ultimate Gray – grey
  • Pantone 13-0647, Illuminating – yellow

You could opt to have either one of these colours in your overall design, or why not go all out and opt for both colours. Personally, I’m a big fan of the grey/yellow combo (our front room in our old house was exactly this colour scheme, back when choosing two colours for your rooms was all the rage!) I think they perfectly complement each other by adding a sense of brightness and depth to any type of event. 

I love both these colours, and they can fit perfectly into any wedding colour scheme easily. Have a chat with your decor / florist to see how to incorporate these.  If you’re looking for more discrete ways to add these colours to you details, why not think about grey font on your wedding stationery or yellow envelope sleeves. 

4 – Entertainment 

Whilst you and your husband / wife are off having your portraits taken, why not leave your guests with some interesting entertainment to keep them occupied. There are a variety of activities you can choose from such as aerialists or specialist mixologists making personalised cocktails/mocktails on the menu (maybe you can both choose your favourite drinks to add to the menu). 

5 – Marry now & party later – The Sequel Wedding 

Couples who are not yet living together are finding it increasingly difficult to ‘just get on with their lives’ rather than putting their plans on hold. Another option is to have an intimate wedding ceremony and then host your wedding reception when the world opens up again, perhaps on your first wedding anniversary or another special date.  This allows couples the breathing space from others who are constantly asking questions about your wedding details. You will be able to begin the next stage of your life together and have more time to plan your big party! 

If you are recently engaged, or are looking for more assistance with your wedding planning, why not email me on hello@ivoryevents.co.uk to find out more about how I can help you. 

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Images taken from the Indian Heritage Styled Shoot at Alrewas Hayes:

Planner – @ivoryeventsandweddings  

Venue – @alrewashayes

Photographer – @zehrajagani

Cake – @lesleywaltercakedesign

Makeup – @therealbride

Hair – @harj_hair

Flowers – @annafernweddings

Models – @oliverandrosi

Stationery – @evelyn_and_elliot

Outfits – @seema.m.official

Crockery – @whitehouse_crockery

Table and Chairs – @chairmanhireuk

Jewellery @reddotjewels

Garlands & Hair Blooms – @bloomsbyvanita

Gift Table – @decorasian

Favours – @monikakossweets

Videographer – @ravneetdhanjal

Candlesticks – @angelsandgypsies

Palki Sahib – @weddingmetalart

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